Launch Day Plus One

So far, so good!

Apart from a pricing mistake I made on Apple's App Store, which was pretty much nightmare-grade screw-up, the launch seems to have been a success! Most users seem to really dig the mobile version (check out those review scores so far!), those affected by the pricing error are getting refunds, and the world is well again.

We're even getting some good coverage, so far!

Of course, we're hardly out of the woods yet. There are still some issues that need resolving. Some are bugs. Some are improvements. And some are just repairing goodwill with those who feel slighted by the mobile release. (Translation woes among them.)

But as with NEO Scavenger, it'll be a slow and gradual process to get as much solved as possible. Apologize to those I can't help. And hopefully get things settled to the point where I can figure out what to tackle next.

<catches breath>

See y'all again tomorrow!