Lamps, Inventory, Hacking, and Accounting

Hey Folks! Got a little bit done on the work lamp today. Chris tried out a hacking effect. Michael's updated the inventory grid. And administrivia strikes again!

The work lamp now support a power toggle action, so it can be found in an "off" state, switched on, and used around dark places. Still no battery usage or anything, but it's getting there!

Chris familiarized himself with the interaction and UI system a bit, to see if he could get airlocks to be hackable. It spawned a deeper conversation about how we structure data and the way game objects interact (which was the goal!), but it also tempted him to make a cool hacking effect where the number panel zeroes-in on the correct code before unlocking :)

Michael's checked-in his latest batch of work, and ground/personal inventory grids are updating more regularly now. Even when items are picked-up outside of the UI. It's also starting to support remembering where items were in the grid, and surviving more of our attempts to crash it :)

Finally, admin work. Quarterly financials are due, as are tax returns. So the better part of my morning was spent doing that. And it was an expensive month! Fortunately, Modern Wolf is there to soften the blow, and I can send them a report soon to help offset the bills.

Not my most productive day, lately. (At least in game dev terms.) But hopefully, I'll be free of accounting for a while after this!