K-Leg Shopkeepers, Inventory UI, and Bug Fixes

Hey Folks! Busy day today, as we continued to smooth out the salvage experience.

K-Leg station got a bunch of upgrades to shore-up the process of offloading and buying loot. There's now a dedicated hardware store and shopkeeper, from whom we can purchase tools to salvage, or sell tools we find. I also adjusted the forbidden NPC zones so the shopkeepers would stay in their store.

The shop back rooms and HVAC/reactor rooms on K-Leg are now behind locked doors. And I made a bunch of changes to ensure locks are reset when ships get spawned from templates.

There were a bunch of UIs I missed when I was fixing resolution scaling, so I fixed those, too. And while in there, I changed the trading UI to be clearer about when you are receiving money vs. spending it.

The power systems on ships now update appropriately when manually installing/uninstalling conduits. I somehow broke that a while back while doing job stuff.

And Michael's inventory now opens with the "I" hotkey, showing both the personal and nearby ground contents. And what's more, the ground grid updates as you walk around, cycling through new nearby items as you go!

Today's screenshot shows the new hardware store on the left. And on the right, my latest test of boarding a derelict, prying through a closed unlocked door, and otherwise using tools at my disposal to overcome obstacles.

Getting smoother every day!

Tags: Ostranauts