K-Leg is the customary name for Nnamdi Azikiwe Station, a wildcat Nigerian colony on 1036 Ganymed. Ganymed is a 33 km diameter asteroid in an eccentric near-Earth orbit, like Eros, which also passes near Mars. K-Leg acts both as an occasional stopover point for Belt/Mars/Earth travel and a hub for spacefarers, but is most well-known for its shipbreaking services and facilities.

  • Government: Corporate republic
  • Head of state: Harbourmaster Adeyemi
  • Sovereignty: Independent (owned by Ayotimiwa Shipbreakers Company)
  • Location: 1036-Ganymed
  • Established: 2032
  • Major ports: Port Azikiwe
  • Industries: Spaceship construction
  • Currency: XNY, USD
  • Population estimate: 200,000
  • Languages: English, Mandarin
  • Religions: Bantu, Buddhism


K-Leg was established in 2032 as a stopover point for Ayotimiwa, a Nigerian shipping company. The settlement consisted of five structures: a refueling station, a fuel and supply dump, a bubble dormitory, and a bar called Mescaform. Of the original settlement, only the refueling station and the bar remain.

In 2036 K-Leg grew as Ayotimiwa’s practise of mothballing its ships on Ganymed allowed the corporation to market itself successfully as a shipbreaker. It accepted large contracts from Mars, Earth, and the Belt, and attracted talent and immigration from across the System. Later the corporation would accept material and financial assistance from Tharsis to upgrade its infrastructure with a view to it becoming an official territory of Tharsis. However, after several initial payments, negotiations between the two parties stalled. The materials meant for a command and control center were allegedly used to build the Harbourmaster’s Residence, a lavish tied accommodation for the position.

After Kessler Syndrome, and losing one of its biggest contracts, K-Leg has invested heavily in its shipyards and retrofitting services in an attempt to forestall long term economic decay.

The K-Leg Shipbreaker’s Yard

Ships are deconstructed in one of three Main Bays near the centre of the Shipbreaker’s Yard. Ayotimiwa maximises its profit by completing its contracts as quickly as possible, stripping and salvaging raw materials and easily accessible components. This has led to a secondary economy in the Boneyard of scavengers who hunt for rarer parts. Deconstruction may take several weeks for smaller vessels and up to several months for larger vessels like deep space freighters or barges.

Around the Shipbreaker’s Yard is the Boneyard, where dozens, even hundreds of low priority derelicts await deconstruction. Ayotimiwa allows scavengers to pick over its wrecks for rare or legacy parts - publicly it condemns the practise but makes no real effort to end it - knowing that it benefits from the secondary economy their existence creates on K-Leg, and from the traffic of ships which seek it out. Finding old or rare parts in the System is very often simply a matter of trying your luck at K-Leg, and much cheaper than tracking down the original manufacturer.