Jobs, Tasks, Roles, and Work

Hey Folks! I managed to wrap-up the interactive career events today, fixing the last of the edge cases I could find. It still lacks much more than a few test bits of content and a handful of one-shot/non-interactive events. But the proof of concept is there, and ready for content insertion when the time comes.

The next biggest priority on my list is crew work. Or tasks. Or roles. Or jobs. Call it what you will, it's the stuff crew does when they're "on duty." Oh, that's another synonym, I guess!

Currently, we have some working mockups for GUIs to define who works and sleeps when, as well as what various task priorities should be. The AI regularly checks against the sleep schedule right now to determine which shift they're on, and if it's a new shift, the game removes old shift stats and adds new ones. Ideally, stats that encourage the behaviors that are appropriate during that shift. (E.g. emphasize sleep sensitivity during the sleep shift).

That kind of works. Though, without well-defined (and plentiful) work, it's hard to tell. The AI often ends up sleeping for lack of anything else to do.

I don't think our duties chart gets used by the game right now.

And Micheal setup some job and task code to handle things like spurring AI into action when a wall becomes damaged, or the nav console requires a course correction. It also adds tasks to the list when the player specifies work to be done, like adding and removing walls, conduits, etc.

He was starting to work on a role-based way to define work for crew before I tasked him with social combat, and I'm currently acquainting myself with all of the above.

This is a big, somewhat poorly defined task. And it has a lot of angles of approach. But probably the most important thing is for me to define what "crew work" means, and see if I can get crew into a rhythm of doing it when they should be. My initial thoughts on getting AI to work based on psychological needs might be too unreliable, and I may end up needing to force work during work shifts. Or maybe the soft approach will work once we have enough data to drive it?

We shall see!

Anyway, hope everyone has a good weekend. And see you Monday!

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