Job's Done! And New Avatar, Too!

Hey Folks! Michael and I managed to finish each of our respective tasks this week, resulting in a fresh build on the server where we can queue jobs for AI, and see the new avatar in action!

I boarded a derelict, and went out of the way in the back to cannibalize a bunch of floor tiles, conduits, and wall. And the AI just lined them up one after the other. As I waited for them to finish, I fast-forwarded 4x, and it was starting to feel like a game!

You can see it in today's screenshot, on the lower left. The AI is crouching over a floor panel to uninstall it, and the yellow markers show other queued work. We'll probably have to change the icon to something specific for each job type later.

Also in that panel, you can see the job menu near the bottom. The four menu buttons each open a modal UI for choosing the job to do, and in some cases, the item type to operate on (such as when building new stuff).

The rest of the screenshot (and even in the job part), shows various shots of the new avatar doing its thing. Now that it's a 3D mesh, animations involving rotations and exposing the torso no longer look weird. We get a full view of the body.

And the animations themselves look pretty smooth!

This is all done using a low poly mesh with a standard Unity rig. And the anims are grabbed from Adobe's Mixamo. So if I decide I should really have a separate eating animation, chances are there's one ready to go I can just download and plop into the game. Easy as pie! (Well, a few small settings to adjust, but still fast!)

Overall, a pretty good week, with lots of visible progress. Should let me relax over the weekend :) Have a good one, all!

Tags: Ostranauts