Job System, RCS Plotting, Reactor Batts, and Headlamp Fixes

Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Nice weather all around for us, plus some good meals and visiting friends. Still couldn't escape some yard/house work, but thankfully less strenuous than weeks past!

Michael checked in his latest work on the job system today, plus I managed to fix a few trickier, long-standing issues involving RCS plots, reactor batteries, and headlamp shadows.

I took the job system for a spin this morning, and was able to bulk order the removal of two walls, then reinstallation of said walls elsewhere! The AI just figured out all the steps in between, and everything ended up where it was supposed to be! (Mostly.)

Michael's still working on getting it expanded to cover all intallation and other jobs, plus the usual bug fixes that come with such a large system.

On my end, I finally tackled a few smaller, but trickier, bugs that have been on my plate for a while.

First was a bug with the headlamp on EVA suits. The headlamp was not updating shadow information normally, causing weird shadow blockers to appear, following the player around. As it turns out, it wasn't updating as the player moved, but only when things changed the map like a door opening. This was due to the way I checked if the headlamp had moved, and adding a fix there did the trick. Now we get headlamps projecting shadows correctly regardless of door status!

I also finally fixed the course plotter RCS projections. Up until now, it just plotted each future projection 60 seconds into the future. And for most cases, this meant all projections were off-screen and useless.

Instead, I did some rough math to figure out how much time into the future to project so that the furthest projection is at the edge of the screen. You can see it in today's screenshot above. This way, you have some better situational info about where things are moving relative to your ship's current velocity and acceleration. (In this case, our ship QJ-2BHZ is moving parallel to some nearby derelicts at about the same speed, and K-Leg station is moving at the same rate, to our port side.)

The fusion reactor had a bug that caused the battery LED meter to be broken when the power bus was first switched on. This was due to the UI gathering connected battery info when the reactor was spawned, and not updating it later. I added some code as a stopgap to re-update these battery references each time the power bus is changed, and it solves the problem for now. However, it won't handle cases where the connection is severed, so I'll eventually need to fix that. Probably when I get around to hooking-up the rest of the UI to actual reactor stats.

Overall, it was a pretty productive day. There are some pretty big system changes on the horizon, and I'm still not sure which one I want to tackle next. (Partially because I still need to make some decisions about how they're changing.) So I may snipe a few more smaller bugs as I figure out where to go next.

That's all for today. Have a good night!

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