Job Menu, Task Icons, Cancel Tasks

Hey Folks! Despite yesterday's big announcement, most of my time was spent actually developing. So I have a fair amount of progress to share!

I tweaked the job menu layout a bit to look more streamlined and consistent, and started working on a second menu for action tasks. The first menu lets us setup build/install tasks, and this new menu will likely include things like "cancel task," "uninstall," and "clean."

I actually have cancel mostly working now, as well. The cursor for it is a bit clunky, as it still moves around the grid like item placement. And it disappears outside line of sight. But you can click on a task, and it is removed from the game! Ditto for placeholder items attached to install tasks.

I also changed the code a bit so the cursor can be used to paint bulk tasks (or paint cancel). One step closer to being able to bulk-draw a ship and have your hive of little workers go to it!

Getting the menu to gracefully cancel was also a bit of work. It was closing when done, but leaving the paint cursor on-screen. And I had to do a bit of tweaking to get the yellow "!" icons to be added and cleaned-up in the new task system. (These may be due for redesign once the game is further along. Perhaps with a symbol matching the type of task here?)

I may have mentioned a while back, but it's worth reiterating here that this all happens within the duty and roster system, too. If I want my crew to work, they have to be scheduled to work during this hour. And the priorities I set on my duty UI control which order they take tasks.

I still have a ways to go before this job menu is done. But we're getting really close to "good enough." I can probably add "uninstall" as an option before feeling safe to move on, such that I come back later to spot-add things as I need them.

Unfortunately, even as I make all of this progress, we got some bad news about Rochelle's knee injury today. She may be on crutches longer than we thought, which might mean my productivity drops as I help her around the house. The good news is she's not in pain, and the leg seems to be healing. But she's really frustrated about being benched for a month or two!

One of the down-sides of being a small studio: family medical leave can really mess things up. But on a positive note, I've got some awesome freelance folks making up the difference. So maybe we're net zero productivity loss? We shall see!

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