I...Uh, Sorry About That, Tinah!

New stats...check.

New loss and heal rates...check.

New tickers...check.

New threshold rules...check.

New symptoms, ailments, and diseases...check.

Okay, let's just fire-up the old engine here...oh. Oh no. We have some problems. Aaand she's simultaneously dead, oppressed, and anxiety eating kung pao chicken packets. Whoopsies!

So it looks like we have a bit of debugging to do. And frankly, this is to be expected after any new injection of data. With something this huge (maybe 50-75 new conditions and data pieces), mere typos can cause cascading failures. And that's not to mention errors in my logic (particularly in converting NS stat values to new scales.)

The good news is that a lot of this appears to be "live" now, and it's likely just a matter of tuning the starting values for random crew. Also, making sure these fatal conditions actually dead-ify crew, instead of just making them play dead but continue to eat.

But it's cool seeing some of those new stat thresholds in play! Organ Failure, Hypovolemic Shock, Dehydration, Filthy, Septic Shock, Poison, and Bursting (Satiety) were all triggered by random starting stats going too high in their respective categories. And I can already see a bunch of stuff players will want to do when crew gets these. Things like showering, drinking, medicine, treatments, and even just plain old rest. The fun of managing biometrics in NS will live on here, in the midst of more wider-scope issues like crew relations, finances, and ship integrity!

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micromanaging microcosms is definitely in the purview of engineers, programmers, statisticians, hardcore nerds (gasp!), and so forth... but sometimes for some of us the endless calculations and computations slip back under the surface of our conceptual minds into the raw instincts for “amazing feats” of tool use.. i.e. throwing a rock at someones head... which requires “maths” to an exceedingly intense degree, since it is more or less instantaneous and has immediate consequences along another scope of relative happenings - in a realm without (indeed before) explicit words, numbers, etc but perhaps still mythologically symbolic in ways we have yet to fully explore (i.e. “stories”)

so dont forget that everyone may not be a statistician, but still intensely immersed in the mechanics of action above and beyond minutiae... without necessarily living at the expense of the microcosm... in other words more focused on the macrocosm while still chained to the moment by moment activity of the microcosm in a way that demands just as much focus and mental concentration as active pursuits of trigonometry, etc, etc

and since we all have a limited amount of time in our lives (per lifetime), and then beyond that in our minds (per day [in terms of our various powers of concentration and endurance, etc]) the CHOICES and the CONSEQUENCES, i.e. the KARMA, is perhaps the most vital relationship to physical life we are involved with..


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I beg forgiveness for how tardy I am to the party on this one, but I must say I see StatWeird as you described it seems like an incredibly interesting possibility to explore.

Maybe you only mean for it to manifest in subtle psychology but I can certainly see it taking up states slightly less metaphysical.

Lesser exposure to the anomalous bits of the Solar System would presumably only generate tiny effects that unnerve the victim, maybe going a bit further than merely feeling watched and making the subject notice how objects at the edge of their vision... Crawl ever so slightly. Among other fun sanity-rending tidbits.

Greater exposure can only get infinitely worse of course, maybe one of the members of the security detail you hired on the last port is beginning to shriek demonic incantations, speak backwards, or grow squirming tendrils out of their pores.

A bit more like Chaos on the more extreme end of the spectrum.

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“cosmic radiation sickness”.... i like it

... might as well throw “insanity points” in there too, just for “kicks”


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This is something I wished I had emphasized more in NEO Scavenger. The universe is weird, and people's perceptions can shape it. You get a tiny bit of that when you gain legendary reputations in NEO Scavenger, but it really should've been a more core component. To support the mythology better.

This time around, I've got that in mind a bit more prominently. Though executing on it might be tricky :)

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