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items from mmod mod

i know is been asked for before, attempted and failed but heres my idea. I think they should not bring everything from mmod over but instead just the stuff that is compatible.

I would like it if someone would make a stripped down version mmod to only the items (shirts,jackets,pants,food items, etc.), would be nice to add on for neoscav and that way you dont really have to choose one or the other, youd get some of the benefits of mmod.

i would do it myself (i tried) but modding this game is WAY harder than it seems at first glance.

Food for thought, but if anyone does this i will download it! Thanks to the modders for their hard work I enjoy both mmod and nse! I just think so why not just put them together at least on some level.

EG: use the code from dogie shirt and add in the 4 tshirts from nse

instead of branching the game making players choose it would be nice for those players who just want the most out of the game.