Items disappear on ground

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Items disappear on ground


Today im encountered 2 looters. Im ditched my vehicle, both enemies did the same. After the fight (im killed both of them), i wanted to pick up my vehicle, but its disappeared. On the ground there were 2 corpses, their vehicles and dropped items (a full page of items), but my vehicle wasnt there. That wouldnt fit on that page. But there wasnt other page of items.
Could you please fix this? Maybe when the first page is full, make another page for items. Like on crafting screen, when you browse your available materials.

Thanks: Martin

Hi Martin,

Sorry for the lost items! It's true I should've made that ground UI expandable. I was still learning a lot about gamedev back then, and made mistakes like that.

There is a slight chance, however, that the items appeared in a campsite on that hex. Do you still have the save file to check? I think if it overflowed on the ground, it would choose camps next.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Thanks for your answer. Unfortunately no, i dont have that save file.
But next time this happens, il check the camp page.

Btw, im really love your game. Its awesome work.
Im looking forward your next game(s). Hope there will be more & more!


I'm a newcomer and I tried the demo version once upon a time. Now I thought that the full version would be a blast and so it is but there are a few oddities I can't get around of.

Regarding itemwise, at some campsites the icons of the meat I have already eaten stay at the site and if I move them around the icon dissapears but the food is still there. I had a caption of this but I lost it. So basically some of the food wasn't there and the icon for it was and vice versa.

Running the latest version from Steam etc etc.