Items and Crafting Fixed, Now for the Minimap

Hey Folks! We're getting there, after another day of tweaking rendering settings for (mainly) items.

As you can see in today's image, the Big UI mode is nearly rendering normally now. Container previews work, even with rotated items inside. Everything is scaled correctly. UI elements are mostly in place. There's still a weird green block in the top right which I haven't yet identified. Should be easy to fix, assuming I can find out what it is :)

I also delved into the crafting screen which, so far, seems like it'll work. It needed some TLC to get the recipe list behaving. (Buttons had weird label truncation.) I also had to disable swipe controls, which just made things confusing with the mouse.

I even snuck a peek at the DMC map to see what I was in for, and so far, it seems fairly intact! The one issue I notice is that every VFX route seems to have only one light traveling it, instead of the many I'd expect. I suspect there's a bug in the way VFX is choosing particle position, or else only one is animating position over time. That, and I may fix a long-standing bug that predates mobile: every flying dot starts at the same time, resulting in a wave of air traffic the first time the map loads. (Just a pet peeve of mine since launch.)

The one bit of bad news is that minimap (and map) scrolling still seems wonky. Getting the minimap to show correct bounds and position seems hit or miss, especially if you start changing resolution mid-game.

I was able to tackle an issue with the main map having the wrong scroll bounds when first loaded, so all resolutions seem to stop scrolling at map edges now. However, there's a bit of deadzone near the edges where the scrolling seems to overflow behind the scenes. If you scroll too far, it takes a second or two of "un"scrolling to see the map move again, and I think this is due to the map camera's follow sprite being able to move beyond the camera scroll bounds a bit. (Half a screen width, to be precise.)

And, for the life of me, I can't seem to figure out what causes Big UI to occasionally go bonkers when changing resolutions. At some point, seemingly after resizing/zooming the game and/or fiddling with the map/minimap, the Big UI mode starts rendering everything offset to the right a few hundred pixels. Everthing, that is, except the message window and title screen scrolling backgrounds. Weird.

For now, though, time to rest. I'll catch you all on Monday!