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Item Spawner

Is there an Item Spawning Mod? I have Neo Scavenger Extended, but the Makeshift Still recipe doesn't work. I was hoping i could spawn one in?

There is. The BBC (The Big Bad Cheater Mod) has an item spawner that can give you anything in the vanilla game.

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Yep, like Respawn said. The vanilla game.

There is a bit more updated version called DevKit, but without work it's also limited to vanilla items. However it can make getting the necessary items easier. So it's not a total loss.

OverHaul Mod
DevKit is an upgraded BBC mod.

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I have 2 questions; Is it possible to merge Big Bad Cheater with Extended and how?

My DevKit mod has BBC built into it, and is close to the same thing, but easier to merge. Just click on the link in my signature.

I made some new videos today to help you merge DevKit with other mods.

OverHaul Mod
DevKit is an upgraded BBC mod.

Thanks man! Oh, you also got yourself a subscriber.