Issues within my playing experience

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Issues within my playing experience

Here I want to share bugs and strange/inconvenient things I got trying to play thins evening:

1) Manual layer can become half-transparent on close and you cannot press anything on main menu

2) Second new game is impossible to play till restarting the game app: you cannot move your character and get something like "label 99" on all stats

3) If you buy in store more than you can place in inventory you get no warnings(I did not notice) and some staff will be discarded unnoticeable. Than you will find it out only when you should start new game cause you does not have same tool

4) If you miss some ship control buttons you may end up rotating extremely fast that you even cannot get in which direction your ship rotating to stop it, because rotating frequency is lot higher than yours fps . (And no high-g effects on character in that case)

5) When you docked with some derelict and want undock - you should again select docking options with that object(it's annoying, but maybe has some purpose, don't know)

6) Inventory management is hell - it's absent. You have to move every thing one by one from one place to another.

7) Cannot understand how objects placed on floor inventory: sometimes you drop here something and it moves back to your inventory, sometimes not. And they placed around you randomly.

8) If you take something from box inventory and then your character moves to planed work, you still have access to that box inventory and can move objects to character even if he/she moved away.

9) If you repair something - your character will go to take exactly one needed detail, place it, and then go back for next one detail. Why does't take all in one time?

10) If you repair something - you cannot see all needed details and their counts, you just see next needed detail.

11) If character managed to place all needed details to repaired tile - he/she will not start repairing until you command again.

12) I have a lot of trash around and don't know how to get rid of it, even though derelict has a lot of holes in space.

13) If I chose floor repair I can walk on this tile even if no work was done

14) I stopped placing floor next to empty space and could not continue the work. Then I discarded the task, and see floor components at the tile, but cannot get it neither with object interaction nor through the floor inventory.

15) Damaged Ryokka "B-01" wall between Halvorson "S-Lift" RCS. Scrap the wall, and then impossible to place new wall on that place - planned wall always red.

16) Tried to uninstall that RCS from 15) but cannot pickup it: options with RCS name is grey.

17) Unable to uninstall walls by orders, only by interactions, one by one.

18) Unable to place two or more commands to one tile: build floor, wall, connections. Repairing ship walls where you have floor wires and wall is absolutely tedious.

19) Impossible to create specific command on tile with couple of entities: remove wall, but left floor and connections.

20) Derelicts light is on despite absent power connection on whole ship. Cured after save-load

21) After loading the game character stucks in some floor tiles flickering and has walking animation without moving. And impossible to move him up. Only down left and right.

22) Rotating Switchers very inconvenient to switch.

23) Doors rarely works. May be they need pins, but entering pin has no reaction. (no error or success messages or something)

24) Walking with full inventory without problems on derelict ship but first step on my ship makes me super slow,

25) After repairing derelict ship for some time I cannot move back in my first ship. Lockers remain open all that time and first ship still in place. Some invisible wall?

26) When placing something that needs rotating - often "R" rotates your camera instead of placing object.

27) Very slow pressure: small ship, oped airlock to big depressurized ship and it takes 5-10 seconds to depressurize first ship.

28) Pressurize ship with 200kPa, take helmet and you have oxygen in your suit for hours and no problems with health.

29) Where is depressurize function for creating real airlocks without wasting?

I hope, this game will have at least one tester soon and in one year it will be playable. But now it's only torture.

Hi iwons,

Thank you for your feedback, and I apologize for the issues you experienced. I have taken notes on a number of these issues, so that I can hopefully improve them soon!

More specifically:

1 - This is indeed a bug, though I haven't been able to reproduce it yet. Are there any tricks to make it happen reliably?

2 - This is a common outcome after the game as crashed at some earlier point. We are working on reducing the number of crash events, but if you discover repro steps to make this happen, do let us know!

3 - There should be a message at the bottom of the kiosk if you purchase more than you can carry, but maybe we should make that more obvious somehow.

4 - I agree there will eventually need to be some auto-stabilizer tool, and I'd like to add one when I have time. For now, if you use rotational controls, they will auto-stop when you reach 0 rotational momentum. E.g. if you rotate clockwise, then hold down the counterclockwise key, it will stop when you stop rotating.

5 - The docking permission steps will eventually vary depending on the ship being docked with. Some will require permission, while things like derelicts won't.

6 - Agreed. I want this to eventually work more like my other game, NEO Scavenger. It will take time, though.

7 - Also agreed. There are some issues with the game finding an open spot on the ground nearby.

8 - Good point. This container grid should disappear when you walk away, and I've added a note to make that happen when I can.

9 - This is a known issue, and we are working on finding ways to improve AI efficiency.

10 - Is this the tooltip or the message log? I think the message log shows all required ingredients if missing, but maybe the tooltip lacks that.

11 - This is a known issue, and we're looking into it!

12 - This is something we have in the planned features.

13 - This sounds like a bug, and I have logged it to our list. Thanks!

14 - This also sounds like a bug, and we'll have to see what we can do.

15 - This might be a case where the equipment in that spot has to be removed before the wall can be rebuilt.

16 - This sounds like the right plan, but it isn't working. We'll have to keep an eye out for this case.

17 - Does the uninstall order not do anything? Or is the order targeting the wrong thing?

18 - This might be related to 17. I think the game will prefer the top-most item when painting an order in a tile.

19 - Yeah, this sounds like 17 and 18. I'm not yet sure how this should be handled. I want it to be better, but I'll have to think about how.

21 - We have seen a similar bug with only walking to the right, and are working on a fix.

22 - I'm not sure if I understand this one?

23 - Do you mean doors without power? Those require crowbars to pry open, or uninstallation.

24 - This is a known issue with crossing airlocks, and we are working on a fix.

25 - I think this may be a bug with placing an object beyond the exterior airlock bounds in a way that causes one ship's grid to overlap another. And we are working on a fix for that.

26 - This seems like a strange bug. The "E" key rotates the view, and "R" rotates a placeable item. Can you reproduce that reliably?

27 - The air flow rates are limited by aperture size and pressure difference, so ship size won't affect flow rates.

28 - High pressure doesn't have any in-game penalties. Real-world effects of high pressure are fairly limited, except in certain gas mixtures. And the game is not yet sophisticated enough to capture those specific cases.

29 - This is technically possible, but requires that an airlock have two pumps installed. One pointing into the airlock, the other pointing out. The user can then manually pump air into and out of the airlock as desired.

Again, these are excellent points and suggestions! Thanks! Hopefully, this explains our plans a bit.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Hi dcfedor,

Thank you for reply!

1) I cannot reproduce this bug, but as I remember more precisely: background of manual despaired(or went fully transparent), but I could see manual text over start screen menu

10) In log message I have: "Items required first. Adding tasks now", in tooltip "Item qualities required: {Scarp:CarbonFiber}" and when you filled CarbonFiber there is next required part

17) Clicking uninstall order on wall do nothing: no new order and sign of order on tile. I checked it now: you can uninstall with order usual wall, but not Mobile Space System "Light framework" wall or Ryokka "B-01" wall.

22) Sorry, don't know how it calls in English: I mean controls like at Air-pump control panel: you have to rotate them to chose some option. When you drag cursor holding this control it moves incorrectly sometimes: angle of switch does not match angle of cursor, and it takes a while to check option you want.

23) No, I mean powered doors. Even door on my ship often cannot be closed from first attempt. And often doors at powered derelicts cannot be opened or closed(no pry option available). And I need to uninstall them to go through.

26) Cannot reproduce it. Maybe I just missed R with E!