Issues with overlayed UI; also issues with resolution scaling?

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Issues with overlayed UI; also issues with resolution scaling?

I've just begun the game and I've had a huge number of problems with interacting with objects. In some cases I think this may have been due to non-native resolution not correctly mapping mouse clicks, but I am now not so sure. On starting the game several times, I simply could not click on the sink (or anything else on the ship) at all. I adjusted my resolution and it seemed to work.

Also what appears to happen is when UI is overlayed, e.g. inventory and supply kiosk, things from the bottom layer will interrupt things from the top. For instance, if I open the inventory to figure out what I already have and right click on objects to figure out wtf they are, I end up purchasing the invisible objects below. Then the purchased item is hovering and blocking other actions, though it took me quite some time to figure out what's going on.

Currently very near unplayable for me. But I'll give it another try before waiting on some updates.

on start of new game, bottom left has all status rows showing "LABEL 99" - unable to move character or interact

this now happens on every restart / overwrite of that save slot. quitting and reloading the game appears to resolve the issue.

Tooltips get stuck on random items and permanently show up on cursor whenever items are not selected. appears to happen if tooltip is showing then the inventory screen is closed using the hotkey.

Sorry for the issues with the game! We've been working on getting things stable and more reliable in the first few days, and will hopefully get there soon.

@Rise-Run, can you describe a bit more on how you got overlapping UIs? Are you able to open the inventory while in the supply kiosk? Can you share repro steps to get into that state?

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games