Issues on AI Improvement, Ship Structure, Space Walk

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Issues on AI Improvement, Ship Structure, Space Walk

- Space Patrol AI
The roaming patrol in the space keep ramming at my ship when I'm docking in a station or boarding on other ship.
They need an AI that let them stay put around my ship if they want to get aboard.

Also, when a security came and do "inspection", their inspection dialogue won't show if it was my character using "socialize" on them. Such dialogue will only appear if my main char stay put waiting them to approach.

- Crew Tasks AI
My crew can be assigned to a task that is outside of his allowed area. For example, my main char was outside wecking a shipbone, my crew don't have the permit to go outside, but when I try to build a floor, my crew can get assigned to this job while my main outside worker stand idle.
So, need an additional pathfinding to let a char know which room/area they are allowed, and then only assign job that was in that area to them, then they do their own pathfinding to try to reach location.

- Sleep AI
Character should be able to sleep on a chair too. May it be a chair chair or a nav station chair. As long as it's not the toliet chair, characters should be able to take a nap on it. Also characters should be able to sleep on the floor as well.

- Relax AI
Character should be able to do relax tasks while sitting on a chair. So, better make sitting to be a state equal to standing idle, let only actively walk around changes a char's state to standing.
When talking to each other, do the distance check first, once the talk target is in distance, talk directly. Don't first assign a path and then talk to each other at some point of this path. The current talk task logic makes my main's enemy in OKLG keep walking towards me from a far distance and tell me to "back off".

- Protocal AI
Need a task-combo template system for the characters. For example, John need to do the field work, he need to first swap his clothing with the gear from locker A, go to room B, close door C, turn D control off/on, open airlock E. Make this procedure a template protocal, to be assigned to characters.
And there should be a Room list, and let player mark which crew member should be allow to access which room. For example, the airlock room, my crew happen to wander there once, got blacking-out when I found it. I wish I could ban all my crew from accessing the airlock room, and only those who follow a special protocal can use it.

- Crew Navigation AI
Let a crew member drive without player manuelly controlling, if it was assigned to pilot the ship. Player should only be needed to give the command via PDA. In fact, most UI control/command/assign can also be moved to PDA, that thing must have a screen or something.

- Ship Structure: Bone
A ship should be having a skeleton structure first and then lay floor/wall around. A ship is not cheap for a reason.

- Ship Structure: Leak
A character's engineering skill should have an effect on either a structure build by it may or maynot leak.

- Space Walk: Jump
I wish characters can have a special move called jump, that allow a char to jump over 1 damaged/void tile.

- Space Walk: Float
Wish in the future there can be a suit that allow floating. Or if the ship was having no accelaration, allow character floating.

Wow, professional. These suggestions sound reasonable and mature. I like. Your game time is definitely not low

love blue bottle Ten thousand years

Thank you for the kind word!