Issue repairing after taking damage

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Issue repairing after taking damage

Random ship collision while docked with a derelict caused INSANE damage to the pod. Nav comp totally smashed and punched a hole in every floorspace in the front of the pod. hilarious. BUT i could not repair any of the spaces. upon choosing repair i got an error that i didn't have the required materials [aluminum scrap]. picked up some scrap and then got an error that said 'cannot access conduit'. i also could not install or remove any components (e.g. tried to replace the O2 tanks that was pumping into a vacuum.

Sorry for the issues, here!

Sounds like a couple of bugs that we have hopefully addressed in more recent versions. Definitely should help with AI not being able to find scraps or other tools for a job, or reach the job. And hopefully less AI collisions!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games