Irreversible scattergun, map bugs and save and exit bug

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Irreversible scattergun, map bugs and save and exit bug

Hello first time posting to a forum but I enjoy this game so much, I had to get involved! I have encountered a few bugs with the game (While running it with the extended NeoScav mod) And I want to see if I’m the only one or if there were any quick fixes.

1- I can’t seem to reverse my long scatter gun and take off the strap to repair it. The recipe says that it can’t have a scope or a strap inorder to repair it, but I can’t seem to get it off. When I put it in the crafting menu with a multi tool or screw driver, it doesn’t actually produce an end product.

2- I notice that whEn I shut off the game and enter back in the next day, my map loses track of my progress; some hexes are missing especially around the cryo facility. Even the names on the map don’t appear unless I revisit or look on a map to find their location. I’ve come back to a game where there were only 5 hexes around me that were visible but all the rest around that were unseen, or unexplored. As if I were on an island. also been a time I’ve come back to the game and the parking garage south of the Detroit slums was gone, as well as the car with all my gear in it!

3- Lastly, I’ve tried saving and quitting the game from the main menu several times and the game refuses to actually quit. Forcing me to just click the x at the top. Not sure if this could be leading to the map bug.

Thanks to anyone that has any answers or responses! It’d help a lot if I knew these were just common bugs or if they were fixable.


Hey Geico2000!

I usually don't comment too much on bug reports involving mods, since it's hard to tell what is due to the mod vs. the base game.

However, it's sounding a lot like you've hit the map bug in that game. #2 and #3 are common symptoms of a save file that's corrupt, and #1 is just the sort of weird behavior that starts to happen once the game is corrupt. (Basically, a soft crash happened somewhere, and things aren't behaving 100% anymore.)

Just a hunch, mind you, but I thought I'd weigh-in in case that helps you decide what to do next sooner!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games