IRL Wendigo psycho (thought related to game)?

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IRL Wendigo psycho (thought related to game)?

After learning about the Wendigo psychosis/curse solely because of NEO, I was deep in thought once when one thought came in mind: Could I actually be under it myself?
In my childhood, I had a bad habit of eating myself (my dead tissue, dried up blood from wounds and even the edges of my fingers but not fingernails which are permanently scarred now) and I honestly became more gluttonous since then and only realized that a decade or so later (now.) Even today I always binge-eat and even seem to prefer protein. And if I'm inhumanly stressed I begin doing my bad habit that I had as a kid..

Just food for thought, I'm not a drama king about the thought and I'm simply just opening up to the community.

Roses are red,
Been playing so great,
Your whole body is in an inflammatory, 'potentially' fatal state.