inventory bug, rcs, derelict save bugs

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inventory bug, rcs, derelict save bugs

I have had my crowbar somehow drop on the floor and unable to pick it up, i think it happened swapping items in hands, i saved and reloaded and the crowbar disappeared from the floor, so i went and bought a new one. the same bug happens with other items like coveralls or o2 tanks being stuck to the cursor and unable to drop it or pick up other items.

RCS control clusters sometimes fall outside of the ship when you uninstall them, so you have to tear down a wall to reach them, which depressurizes the ship you just pressurized... the air pumps lay in the same squares you uninstall them and can pick them up, rcs does not.

I was on an ocelot derelict getting the power turned on and pressurized it, I clicked to save the game and the ship completely changed, the walls were moved around and it was depressurized and i had just taken off my pressure suit, the airlock was in the wrong place, there was a wall between me and my ship and i was dying trying to find a path back to my airlock or uninstall a wall to get there. So I quit to menu and loaded the save and it was just before i left the previous derelect to find that ocelot. would have died from a weird bug, possibly feature that somehow teleported me to a different ship.

i just bought Ostranauts, been playing it all week and enjoying it, Neo Scavenger is also cool.

Hi Kutabare,

Thanks for the heads-up! I'm aware of at least one bug that causes that missing inventory item issue, and I think I've got a fix ready for that in the next patch. (Aiming to send that patch out this week.)

The RCS clusters appearing outside the ship may also have a fix. I recall running into that one, as well. And I made some changes to the way items convert to their loose versions so they don't move around as much.

The Ocelot wall rearranging bug sounds a bit like the game crashed and ships may have rotated or moved so they overlapped. I've seen that one before, but I think it can be caused by multiple things. (Basically, if anything causes the ship loader to crash before it finishes loading pieces and positioning them, this can happen.)

I'd say let's see if the next patch helps at all. It's going to be a fairly substantial one, with new content, fixes, and some interface improvements. It might not fix old saves, but I'm expecting new games to run into fewer issues!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games