Increase of pain tollerance bug

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Increase of pain tollerance bug


Im not sure but it looks like Im experiencing some sort of bug with pain system. I did try to search if anyone encountered something like this but mine problem seems to be an exclusive one.


Around 13 October (in game date) my character started to be more and more immune to pain. First I noticed that headache is not causing any pain, yet more dangerous wound caused some. Later I realised that even proper slash from dogman not caused any pain and I started to do tests to check what is going on. Around 28 October I went berserk on purpose to test the thing and recieved three wounds.

One chest cut with moderate pain, broken arm with severe pain and crippling cut on other hand with severe pain as well. Probably enough to send man to a shock condition, but guess what? No pain condition on the right panel, no "In Pain" on the left healthometer, just a little blood loss!

Its still possible to have a pain after a fist fight with DMC guards or Dogmen pack, but it takes an effort ))


1.51, GOG, with Neoscav extended mod (ver 52a). I have saves where pain still works and latest ones where I can take a LOT of beating without pain )) Maybe Im dumb but I dont see how to upload them to this post.

I was thinking about a mod which increases recovery time, instead I ended up to be a sort of X-man without any mod.

Any advice? Thanks!

Hmm. It does sound like a bug, but it's hard to tell if this is due to Neoscav Extended or the vanilla game. Have you seen this happen in the vanilla game at all?

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Hi dcfedor! its been a long time )

It seems another man reported similar problem in NSE thread. Something tells me that this bug is a part of the mod rather than vanilla game, and since its not widely reported its probably quite a rare but nasty insect. As a creator, maybe you have some general idea or insight what can cause base pain value to rise over its supposed initial 100% value, turning character into terminator with time?

Ill try to contact Chiko about it. His mod is too good to be crippled by this! ))

Hm. Sounds a bit like m_fPainLeftBase is getting increased too much, which controls the max amount pain can recover to. The first signs of pain don't appear until m_fPainLeft drops below 0.75.

E.g. Tough in vanilla changes the max m_fPainLeftBase to 1.5 (+0.5), so you can take 0.75 pain before seeing effects when tough, while only 0.25 normally.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games