Hyun Lee Petware



Hyun Lee Petware Inc. is an applied genetics company which specialises in the synthesis and artificial cultivation of animals. Petware’s designs are considered state of the art and their products are highly sought after. In spite of high demand, Petware makes bespoke animals, which has led to many imitators.

  • Product: Artificial animals & pets
  • Origin: Kapyong Station
  • Key people: Alice Ding (CEO), Park Hyun Lee (CDO, majority shareholder)
  • Ticker Symbol: HPET


Park Hyun Lee first gained public notoriety as a professor of genetics at the Korean School for Biotechnology, when his views and unsanctioned experiments on animals and gene splicing were made public. Shortly thereafter his experiments were terminated and his doctorate was revoked. Notably, and perhaps ironically, his residence was vandalised with goat’s blood.

Choosing to emigrate off world, Hyun Lee continued his work privately in the relaxed legal environment of Kapyong Station. Future CEO Alice Ding, then a financial analyst, overheard about Hyun Lee in station rumours. She approached him and offered him six months of work for free, and made a personal commitment to reverse his image. Hyun Lee was disinterested but afraid of running afoul of yet more controversy, and so accepted her offer. Six months later, proceeds from Hyun Lee Petware’s IPO on the ISSX rose to $5 billion.



  • Classic Golden Retriever, micro-G capable, no-shed
  • Staffie, placid
  • Welsh Corgi, intelligent, micro-G capable
  • Pitbull, loyal, for home defense


  • Classic tabby, intelligent
  • Burmese
  • Calico, micro-G capable


  • Palomino racing horse
  • Shire draft horse, extra strong


  • Classic python
  • Boa constrictor
  • Black snake, extra poisonous, for home defense


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