HVAC Items, Fridge, and Fuel Next

Hey Folks! Short update today as I have to run.

Basically, more of the uninstalled versions today. This time, heaters, coolers, fridges, and toilets. All of which are pictured in the upper half above except the toilet. They can all now be uninstalled and reinstalled, which basically means almost everything in the ship can be dismantled in-game.

One outstanding item is the docking ring, which I've finished art for, but not the data.

The other is fuel canisters. That giant honking tank in the lower part of the screen was my old attempt at modeling this. But I'm starting to think this needs to be hidden away under the floor or something. Maybe we just see the access hatch aboveboard, and it takes up tile space below? Then the realism can sort of be maintained without the giant obstacle.

Anyway, more on that next week. Have a good weekend, all!

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Perhaps have a smaller variant of the fuel tanks? Similar to a space Jerry can if you will as a physical thing in the ship? Definitely agree hiding the huge tank under the floor would be a good idea. I might have missed it in previous news blogs but what do you have in mind for storage hull? A physical representation or a sort of 'invisible' inventory with x amount of space. Let me know if that last point made any sense.


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Told ya you should have been using magic space fuel like literally every other space game, and not try to fit those canisters on the ship. :)

Unless you're willing to try and tackle multiple floors, that is... j/k, not necessary at this stage. Maybe have storage cans on exterior? I remember there being a ship in Wing Commander which did that, and it was very vulnerable because of that. But since, as far as I understand it, there is no space war in this game, maybe it could be considered practical.

Hell, I dunno. Ask Michelle from ATN. :) She always have answers, doesn't she?

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We are talking about fusion here (which is STILL only a partially proven technology). So, why not make it fusion of carbon and oxygen? These are much more dense and (I believe) release much more energy.

So, early game, the player could use regular hydrogen/helium fusion with a big bulky ship. Later on, they could upgrade to a much more expensive carbon/oxygen fusion system, and have a more Firefly like ship.

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Re: "Jerry" cans, I'd have to run the numbers to see what a portable can would mean in terms of fusion duration. My guess is that it would be barely enough to nudge the ship if used in thrust (i.e. blowing it out the back to push away). But it could be quite a bit more useful in closed loop mode that simply provides and sustains power without thrust.

I do, however, want people to be able to salvage fuel/propellant from a derelict. So there's at least something needed here.

As for multi-floor, I'm going to see if I can just hide the bulk of them below-decks. So we see the 3x3 grid portion peek out above the floor for maintenance/repairs. Meanwhile, the whole canister takes a 7x7 grid of tiles, which prevents other sub-floor stuff from being placed too close.

Basically, there's an invisible sub-floor for bulky stuff we don't want to look at. And if we assume it has an arbitrary depth, we can make these canisters really deep, to hold a lot.

And interestingly, this sort of makes the science a bit more realistic. The realistic fusion torch ship design puts humans at one end of a long rocket, and the exhaust at the other. This way, people can pretend that sub-floor is as deep/shallow as their dreams permit :)

As for carbon-oxygen fusion, are there any good links you can point me to? I've seen a fair number of fusion alternatives, but hadn't heard of that one.

One of the reasons I'm going with He3-D fusion is that there's a lot of good literature out there that gives me just enough info to work with, and if we are willing to bend reality just a bit to make it efficient enough, it produces workable results. (I.e. the Epstein drive)

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