HUD Rework, Keybindings, Social Combat Sprint

Hey Folks! First off, sorry for yesterday's missing news post. I was on a dev conference call that was pretty productive, and that ran long (into dinner).

That said, we have made some decent progress in the past few days. Front and center is Michael's latest feature: custom key bindings!

He changed the way we handle hotkeys in the game so we could allow the user to re-bind them. Something for which Chris was grateful, as he's on a laptop without some of the default keys. Nothing too surprising here in the way it works, but the design is worth noting.

Recently, Charlie created a concept for one of the PDAs used by most people in Ostranauts. And the UI design on that inspired what you see here. Sort of a retro color scheme and screen effects. And what's more, it prompted us to look more into screen effects that Unity has built-in, which might have finally unleashed our ability to apply special effects to any UI. That means noise, film grain, vignette borders, color name it!

In concert with this, I've been working on a revamped HUD to make things look a bit more player friendly. More on that soon, but part of it might tie-in with this same PDA style to create some continuity between UIs.

In other news, we've decided that salvaging is good enough to demonstrate what we want to do, and what might make the most sense next is to revisit crew management and drama.

Previously, I had a lot of AI code running to handle psychological needs, and help AIs decide what to do. But much in the same way we focused on salvage to make the disparate systems cohere more, we're thinking we need to find some concrete gameplay in the crew interactions.

Nothing firm there yet, but some fruitful discussions underway. Hopefully, we can make the crew interactions feel as satisfying as salvage was made. That's be a pretty big leap!

Tags: Ostranauts