HUD Overhaul, Audio, Debug Info, and Nav Shortcuts

Hey Folks! My apologies for the missed news yesterday. We devs had a conference call at the end of the day, and it ran a bit long.

However, it was a productive chat! We all fired-up the game, and talked about how the salvage game loop felt. Each of us started in the same save file, in a salvage pod docked with a derelict. No starting tools, so first step was to board the derelict in search of useful tools.

And it felt pretty good! Definitely still bugs. And definitely room for more content. But crucially, we all noticed some immediate things we were missing that prevented us from having more fun:

1 - Character situational awareness
2 - Ability to undock and go somewhere else to get more tools and come back

#1 refers to info about our captain's current status. Were we asphyxiating? Hungry? Freezing? All of this is being tracked, but not communicated well.

#2 is technically in the game, but nobody can figure out the UI except me. So it might as well not be there :)

So today, we started work on a new and improved HUD that removes a lot of the old debug info (and puts it on a dedicated, hidden debug UI), and starts adding more pressing situational info. So far, it's just a portrait and current room pressure. But a lot more is on the way.

Michael is going to tackle a basic debug jump menu to facilitate getting around the system easier, until we fix the nav station to be more usable. This way, we can debug jump from derelict-to-derelict, or to K-Leg for supplies, etc.

Chris is going to tackle some more UX stuff to make the player's input feel better. Plus remove some old landmines I put into the hotkeys :)

And depending on who finishes first, we'll also resume adding break & enter tools, obstacles, and maybe some screen effects for various danger states.

Meanwhile, Bjørn has given me the go-ahead to start integrating his audio code, so he can begin adding audio to the master branch. This is something we're all very excited to hear, as it is likely to breathe a lot of life into the game.

Overall, this could be a very exciting week(ish) ahead!

Tags: Ostranauts