How to update the game ?.

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How to update the game ?.


I recently bought the game from GOG and I wonder how do I update the game if in the future there any other patches?

PS: I love the game. I survived 18 days (mostly because I was fortunate enough to find a compound bow early in the game) but died at the blue frogs asylum base because I went upstairs. And I was doing so well! :)

I look forward for a Neo Scavenger II if they keep the graphics style.


Hi alexsunny,

Thanks for the kind words! The GOG copy should be up to date, and if there are new patches, it will receive them the same time other stores do.

So far, there are no immediate plans for a NEO Scavenger patch. I did try a couple years ago to modernize the engine out of Flash, but wasn't able to get that fully running. So if anything, that would probably be what's next.

And a NS2 is definitely in the long term plans!

For now, though, Ostranauts has my hands pretty full :)

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games