How important is social interaction

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How important is social interaction

Basically how pissy will your crew get if their emotional needs don't get met? Asking this because in Rimworld (A game with a somewhat similar emotions system) one of the most annoying things, in my opinion, is constantly having to manage your colonists own emotions while simultaneously having to face existential threats.

How much do we need to manage our crew's emotions? Do they just handle stuff themselves? Will they at least follow orders if they get paid? How viable is a solo ship?

I know its a lot of questions but I'm REALLY excited for Ostranauts.

Good questions! The crew members will do their best to self-manage needs, within the bounds you allow them. (E.g. hours of the day, facilities you provide) So you shouldn't have to babysit them.

However, problems will arise with crew, and without the captain's involvement, they may or may not resolve. (Or might turn into other issues.)

Ultimately, I want it to be the right balance of hands-off and hands-on so we have fun playing. I don't want it to get annoying!

As for solo ships, I think it's possible. Probably the biggest barrier will be 24/7 operation without crew to relieve you. That, and the size of the ship might be too much upkeep for one person.

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