How to edit point values on starting skills

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How to edit point values on starting skills

I adore this game, but frankly I'd just like the ability to assign whatever skills and debuffs I please when making a new save, so I can mess around with more of the content I haven't found yet. But instead of just making a request, I'd like to take the initiative here. I figure since it's 4:40 AM, and I leave on a trip tomorrow, I can ask and perhaps get an answer over the weekend.

All I really want is to make each starting trait and malus cost (or gain, for debuffs) 1 point. If there's easy documentation on how to do that, or another mod that I can charge, then beat the shit out of with a crowbar to pull out the code I need, I'd be very appreciative.

You have to edit the file ..\NEO Scavenger\data\itemtypes.xml
Search for the word "skill", and find the skill you want to edit.
Edit the value inside the "fWeight" tag.

If you have mods that overwrite the base game you might have to edit the itemtypes.xml inside your mod.

Thanks! This is exactly what I was looking for.