How do I recharge my salvage pod?

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How do I recharge my salvage pod?

Ive tried running wires from a powered up derelict to my pod but the cables would not connect at the exterior airlock, and I'm yet to find a screwdriver to swap out batteries in a reasonable time.

Only way i found is looting charged batteries from derelicts, but i think they are working on a nicer system

Recharging batteries is only possible via the reactor at the moment. (Output of the reactor needs to be connected to battery input, which is a red arrow pointing into the battery.)

Longer term, there will be a way to recharge across ships, such as having a station refuel/refill for a fee, or possibly even conduits connecting to docked ships.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Edit: Version fixed door power drain to sensible levels so the following no longer applies;
Also worth noting that in the current the internal door in the stock pod appears to be draining an inordinate amount of power (which we're anticipating being fixed very soon). If you uninstall that door the pod batteries will last considerably longer.

It's quite common for wrecks to have batteries that are fully charged (80) so you can loot those. In a pinch you could use a hulk's reactor to recharge your batteries by uninstalling & carrying the batteries onto the hulk, installing the batteries so the reactor output reaches their input, start the reactor then set the reactor control PWD BUS from BATT to CHRG

You can also switch the battery off in your pod when you go out to scavenge a derelict to save it. As long as you keep the pod sealed, it will still have atmosphere when you return.