How About Some NS D&D?

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How About Some NS D&D?

This was tried before, and I think it deserves another shot. I'm willing to host a game here on Tuesdays after 4pm EST (Probably until about 8, but likely only until 6 or 7). This wouldn't be your traditional D&D game (in fact, it might not even resemble D&D that much) as a lot of game elements can be taken from... well, it's a game and we can see the files. There isn't really all that much of a mystery, and that actually works in favor of the GM. I already have a basic idea of how the game will start, but I still have to decide on an ending. I'll have a submittable google form done by the end of Monday March 11 (tomorrow, 3/11/2019).
Things the form will include are:

  • Play username on the BBG website, maybe even discord if anyone's up for that.
  • Character name
  • Character skills and traits formatted as in game
  • Character background generated from the faction list. The group faction identity/relations will be averaged, but players will keep their individual relations.
  • Gear, which will likely be a written response. Gear should be within reason (imagine a $300-500 equipment allotment, with some sway for different backgrounds).
  • Character goal. I'll see if I can make individual questions private in case the character has a goal they don't want to expose early into the game.
  • This list is a rough guess, and could change. It probably won't, but it could.

So is anyone interested? I know I am. I've wanted to do this with an in-person group for a while, but we're still on another campaign.

This is the form for character creation. If you have special character stuff, feel free to send me a private message.


Spoiler: Highlight to view

I hope nobody minds that I'm using the body asset from the image files.

Mechanics So Far:

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Conditions and Saving Rolls:

  • Saving rolls use 5d4.
  • On saving rolls, remember to subtract/add any effects from conditions.
  • Some conditions, mainly illnesses, use the immunity saving roll category. This category is special because the conditions your are rolling against negatively impact the immunity saving roll. Use the current level of an illness for the roll, not the future.

Conditions Key:

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  • D = Death
  • I = Immunity
  • Some conditions end with D/I, meaning that depending on the saving roll, the character will either become immune, or die.
  • BO = Blackout
  • Arrows point in the direction of future condition development.
  • Some conditions are market with an "X", or and "X Turns" duration. This simply means that either it is variable, or has no duration (for example, skills/traits, and flaws do not have durations).
  • Some conditions decrease the "timers" for other conditions. This means that those conditions pass between phases/levels faster.


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  • Gear has conditions out of 100.
  • Gear with condition 0 is broken, and must be repaired.
  • Worn gear has a protection value between 1 and 4 (1d4 for maximum).
  • Gear with only 1 protection is a coin toss (either 0 or 1 protection).
  • Gear with 2 protection works similar to gear with 1 protection (either 1 or 2).
  • Gear with 3 protection uses a simulated d3 for protection.
  • Damage done to gear is equal to the damage output of the attack, regardless of protection provided.
  • Damage done to player = Attack Output - Protection Provided.
  • Some body slots have more than one gear allotment slots.


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  • Like gear, limbs have conditions out of 100.
  • Each day, limbs regain 1d6 of condition. This number is increased by 1d10 with a fast metabolism, and another 1d4 if tough.
  • For frail/fragile characters, limb regeneration is decreased by 1d4. Dropped by another 1d4 if the character has a slow metabolism ( regeneration cannot drop bellow 1 for any characters).


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Limb Specific

  • Players can target specific body parts. Each limb has it's own DC to hit when aiming.
  • Head = >10/20
  • Right Arm = >6/20
  • Left Arm = >6/20
  • Torso = >4/20
  • Right Leg = >5/20
  • Left Leg = >5/20

Non-Limb Specific

  • Non specific limb targeting uses a d6.
  • Head = 1
  • Right Arm = 2
  • Left Arm = 3
  • Torso = 4
  • Right Leg = 5
  • Left Leg = 6


  • Being behind cover increases the d20 requirement by the cover quality.
  • Non-Limb Specific targeting is unavailable for targets behind cover.
  • Damage dealt with melee = Base Weapon Stat + Condition Modifiers
  • Hit chance with ranged = Base Accuracy + Condition Modifiers - Cover Quality
  • Put another way, the above DC is = Base DC + Cover Quality - Condition Modifiers
  • Base Accuracy is simply the range of a weapon, capping at 25 units (but with an effective cap of 10 for DC)
  • Example: Gun hit chance firing from 25 units = 10 + 4 - 5, Chance = 9, or 9/20, or 45%
  • Example 2: Gun DC = 10 (head shot) + 5 - 4, DC = 11 for a head shot
  • Example 3: Gun DC for torso = 4 + 5 - 4, DC = 5 for a torso shot instead of the usual 4/20.

Rar! Rar rar rar! Thanks for reading :)

Just signed up, so I suppose go ahead and tell me if my entry is terrible or something.

Truly excited to get this up and running.

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Same here, I can't wait to start this. I have to decide on a campaign arc, but it's shaping up. This should be able to start next Tuesday. :)

Also, I really like the backstories given. The more players and the GM have to work with, the better a campaign can be.

Rar! Rar rar rar! Thanks for reading :)

This seems like it will be awesome, already submitted a character.


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Already submitted my character, cant wait for dogmen to eat me in my sleep =D

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I think this might just serve as a rule and lore hub.
I'll update the main post in a little while; the update will likely include character sheets, battle profiles, and conditions. I'm still working through loot tables.
It might be simpler to use completely pre-generated loot, but that takes away from the randomness and fun. So maybe a kind of half-and-half system? As it stands, I can just use the game files for the loot tables, but I'd like to make it so this can be completely tabletop.
We'll see.

Rar! Rar rar rar! Thanks for reading :)