Homeworld Selection Running!

Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Ours involved another trip to the Museum of Flight where we toured some sections we previously missed: early flight and space programs. Equally full of inspiring stuff!

Back on the character generation task, it was a real "nose to the grindstone" day today. A lot of code plumbing and data authoring later, I managed to get the homeworld selection UI up and running. The screenshot you see above is in-game, and populated with actual data. And I can even change homeworld selections, causing the UI to update! I haven't checked the character stats to see if they're updating, but I don't anticipate too much trouble there.

Payment (social strata) selection is still broken, though. It looks like I have an infinite loop caused by the way the UI updates when something is selected. Probably an "onValueChanged" listener re-triggering infinitely. It shouldn't be too hard to fix. (Famous last words.)

The pamphlet also works well so far. It slides up into screen when clicked, and back off again when clicked. Not too obtrusive, and seems to do the job. As an added bonus, it slides off-screen when the UI loads the first time, so it sort of advertises its presence to new users.

I think the main thing that needs work on the pamphlet is maybe rewriting the conditions that show up on "health risks" to sound more contextually appropriate. I might have to separate health from non-health stats, too, depending on how it looks. It's a bit crowded right now.

In any case, good progress today! Emily and Michael also made some progress over the past couple of days, and I owe each of them some feedback. So that's on tomorrow's list, too. Certainly no lack of work to do tomorrow :)

Tags: Ostranauts