Homeworld Selection Revised

Hey Folks! Still working on the homeworld selection screen, and it's starting to take shape.

As you may recall from yesterday's news, I originally forgot to include space for the stats that come with each choice. And my initial idea to fix it was some sort of graffiti. However, Rovlad made a good point in the comments about it maybe being unclear, and suggested tooltips. What's more, I realized overnight that defining that graffiti in the data might be really problematic, what with style and position/rotation differences in each text bit.

Overall, it seemed like my original idea wasn't going to work.

So I tried a few ideas out, including a separate "stats" LCD where the current card slot is and a health services pamphlet taped to the phone booth. Ultimately, I went with the latter. It fits the context better since it's kind of like local litter, but has plenty of room for useful info disguised as a service flyer.

When the user loads this UI, it's peeking out from the bottom like above. And when the user clicks on it, it slides into the main area like this:


I'm thinking it'll stay there until clicked again, and it'll update as the cursor rolls over buttons like a tooltip. And when the cursor is over blank space, it reverts to whatever selection the user last made. And it just slides back to the bottom if clicked again.

Also as a result of Rovlad's feedback from yesterday, the screwdriver is out. I was already a bit dubious about it after seeing it, but Rovlad just confirmed that suspicion. Too unclear.

Instead, I replaced it with a hacked-open button the same size as, and aligned with, the other buttons. I might add something like a short wire or tool to make it clearer, but this already improves legibility.

Overall, I think this is going to work. But now comes the hard part: implementing it in code/data :) That, and this will all require some playtesting to make sure it all works and makes sense.

But that's for next week. Hope you have a good weekend!