Hidden traits (spoiler warning!)

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Hidden traits (spoiler warning!)

Hey everyone!

First time poster here, lets get right to it:

I read up on Elusive and Unstoppable on the wiki. However I am still confused by the Game Mechanics:

As an example I will quote the requisites to acquire elusive:

Defeat the robot at Zom Zom's using Athletic, Hacking, Hiding, or Trapping. (3 points)
Escape the melonhead horde at Allegan fairgrounds using Athletic or Mechanic. (2 points)
Enter the ATN Enclave using the Hiding skill. (1 point)
Escape the ATN Enclave using the Athletic skill. (? point)
Complete the Detroit Savings Bank encounter without getting caught. (1 point)
Evade a SkyCorps Patrol using Hiding, Hacking, or Mechanic. (1 point)
Kill the Merga Wraith to get both Legendary Skills, Elusive and Unstoppable. However, the Merga Wraith is designed to be mostly unkillable without having at least one of the legendary reputations.

Does this mean I get 3 points at Zom Zom's regardless of which trait (from Athletic, hacking, hiding or trapping) I used to defeat the robot? Or do i receive 1 point each time i defeat the robot with a new skill up to a maximum of 3 points overall?


You receive 3 points after surviving the ZomZom's robot battle and you only need 1 more point which can be acquired by doing any of the other events with the specific skill that is listed. I suggest the once you get the elusive skill, kill the merga wraith by staying at 4 range and keep walking back until the lethal trap option appears which will one shot the merga wraith letting you go in the portal and get the unstoppable skill.