The Hex Tiles

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The Hex Tiles

Kinda sounds like "The X-Files", right? Well, it's not that. Nope, I'm just gonna outline bits of the map in the hexsheet.

Outlined in green are hexes used for the story
Outlined in yellow are unused hexes (as far as I can tell)
Outlined in blue are inaccessible or impassible, but used


So what does this all boil down to? There are 39 unique hex types, each with a night variant. 29 of these hexes will show up in your game, 10 of these are meant for story, and 7 are impassable or inaccessible. 10 of the 39 hexes aren't used (1 of them is of course the test plains). But what does THIS mean? It means that if you can make hex tiles, then you have a lot of leeway as to how you can change the story. In fact, you could make a completely new one! But that doesn't require you to actually know how to make hexes, no, to do that all you need to know is how to code. Besides, most of the story is actually put onto the 19-ish hexes (some areas on the map are designated for certain regularly occurring hexes) that have no distinguishing value from the rest. These are the encounter hexes, the ones where you find a bleeding man in an alleyway, or die from a funny, if tragic, sequence of events.
The take away is that there is A LOT of unused potential in the hex sheet. Clearly they were meant for something, so why not try implementing them? There are already hex sheet editors, I've used on to create maps comprised of singular hex types, so there isn't any reason they can't be used (each has a number). If you really wanted to dig deeper into the files you could even implement them as randomly spawning hexes (though this might be impossible). Editing the hexes can be tricky, but if I can do it, so can anyone else.

Oh, but it this is even longer than you thought! Yes, I KNOW we can make an alternate start. Believe me, because I did. I canceled out the original start and had the player spawn in a random radius of about 30 hexes. (I did that for the extreme settings mods. I can't remember how I did it, and the file is lost somewhere in my multiple mod testing folders. It was really just a proof of concept anyways, but I bet I uploaded it at some point.) I think if someone really put their mind to it, we could have total conversion mods. That's what I wanted to do with the extreme settings mods, but I later settled on unobtrusive supplementary mods. I don't know if this will ever go anywhere, but I sure hope it does! There's just so much potential on this hex sheet.

Rar! Rar rar rar! Thanks for reading :)