Heaters and Taxes

Hey Folks! Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. Sort of a busy one here, catching up on chores from when we were sick. I did get back into Oxygen Not Included to see what's new. Though I think I'm barely able to get far enough to notice yet :)

Heaters are in and working. At least in a basic sense. It's the white box with the metal "X" bracket on it, in front of Jacob in today's screenshot. And I didn't need to change much from last week to get that working. I just chose some reasonable numbers for the heating temperature, surface area, and volume, and we see a slow increase in room temperature over time. I may have to tweak some values, as it seemed to heat the whole chargen station handily. But then again, it's a pretty big unit!

The next step is to hook up power consumption to it, as well as a thermostat. I started work on a thermostat item, based on the pressure sensors for O2 and N2. Hopefully, that won't be hard to setup since a lot of the code will be similar. I did, however, discover a bug while testing: my appliances lose their connection data when they lose power. I've got that fixed now, but I'm on the lookout for edge cases it might create.

Unfortunately, that's where progress took a dive today, as the quarterly tax maelstrom hit. City, state, and federal taxes are all due this month (both the end of month and end of quarter). So the rest of my day was bookkeeping, filing, paying, and other admin work.

Plus, the iOS certificate was up for expiration/renewal, which is an annual annoyance.

The good news is that most of that is now done, and I should be back into dev tomorrow!

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