Hauling Works!

Good news, everyone! Hauling works now!

I ended up figuring out where the tile's ship info was getting mixed-up, and now AI can haul loot from a derelict back to their own ship. It turns out the way I was looking for destinations to drop the loot was using the wrong ship as a search basis, and I had to attach some ship ID info to each zone so it could look in the right place.

In the process, I also found and fixed a number of other related and/or smaller bugs.

Ship docking, rotating, and adding tiles now updates all task tile info. Unreachable hauling tasks were accumulating in the "claimed tasks" list, so those are now being unclaimed when abandoned.

Floors were missing in the install jobs list, and in the wrong subcategory. And that caused a crash. All fixed now!

I added some quality of life features to the job menu, so it would close if the user hit Esc or right-clicked when menu was partially opened.

Hauling now drops the entire stack in one go, instead of one at a time. And I fixed a bug that caused equipment to jump positions when switching on/off.

Not a bad day! Especially considering that was just this afternoon. In the morning, I was mostly doing admin stuff. Though, Charlie's got his first illustration done, and it's pretty awesome. Can't wait to show you all. Probably means I'm due for my next video!

Anyway, a good day, all told. See you all tomorrow!

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Do intend for hauling to be a manually directed task, or will you be able to say "haul" and they will take it to the closest designated stockpile?

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Right now, hauling can be triggered two ways:

1 - Right-click an item to pick it up, right-click a destination and walk there, and use inventory UI to drop it.
2 - Paint a "barter" zone on your ship, then use the jobs UI to paint "haul" tasks on items.

#1 gives ultimate control over placement and timing, but is tedious.
#2 is good for bulk jobs, but the AI chooses when and where to deposit it. "Where" being chosen from all "barter" zones on your ship, in the order they were designated.

I fully expect these to require tweaking (or supplementary methods) at some point. For now, though, this enables some more high-level management instead of per-crew babysitting.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games