Hauling Starting to Come Online

Hey Folks! Managed to get hauling to limp along today, though it still has some flaws to overcome.

A lot of the early work today involved fixing the haul job filtering so it only targeted appropriate items (and drop zones). But once that was done, I was able to paint haul tasks on items around the ship, and then designate a zone to haul them to, and have the AI ferry things over!

After trying it out, I made some more enhancements so it could do whole stacks at a time, and dropping would more accurately target the tile inside the zone instead of sometimes just outside the zone.

It still seems to stumble on the larger ship, though. And I think this might be a few issues combined.

First, I think the zone tile IDs might get mixed up when two ships dock. Need to look into that, as it could cause bigger issues.

Also, damaged or missing floor tiles are blocking a lot of the routes the AI would take to get to haul loot. I can manually patch floor tiles to make bridges, but this isn't very reliable. Ideally, we'd have better tools for mass-fixing or patching tiles.

More on that next week, though.

I made a few other fixes along the way, as well. I made some changes to the way nav stations spawn operations tasks, so they would be more reliable and repeatable. Plus, they now give the AI some psychological benefits when done.

Also, loading/saving games was having some trouble, and I had to patch a few holes that appeared over the last little while. Seems fine now, but it was getting a bit rusty in there.

Anyway, a fair amount of progress today, despite feeling like a slow day. Hopefully, we'll be getting haul squared away next week, and we can start bulk-looking or fixing derelicts!

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Rovlad's picture

Um, why are those item stack counts upside down? :D

dcfedor's picture

Um...because there is no "up" in space? Yeah, that's it :)

Seriously, though. My stack counts are children of the object they refer to, so when that object rotates, so do they. This should be an easy fix once I get around to it. But I don't want to jinx myself!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games