Hatters base disappears and I can't fix it

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Hatters base disappears and I can't fix it

So after getting the wrist band and doing the whole Detroit thing I visit his base, tells me to come back tomorrow, so I do a big ol' expedition to eat the time. When I get back to Detroit the base itself is gone. The tile is just an empty space. No intercom button or anything to get me back in !!

Is this a known thing, is there anything I can do to fix it?

There are a couple situations where Hatter will legitimately not be around, but I think the intercom item remains. This sounds a bit like a bug.

Are there any other suspicious goings-on? Any other missing items or map labels?

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Same happened to me today. Using Steam version: 1.15 1/6/2017

Seemed near, if not identical to what happened to the user in this thread:

Was unable to save and quit, so I simply closed the program after hitting "Save and quit" and saw the game say "Saving game."

Autosave being the problem, corrupting the save and blacking out part of the map near DMC where I previously explored.

[EDIT]: This is using Windows 10, and allowing flash to store my data properly, etc.

Also was unable to eat at "Last Chance Canteen" anymore.
Was able to use the DMC gate, and St. James Parkade again, as these locations trigger events when walking onto these tiles.

Now attempting to restart game without autosave enabled, after going down guns blazing (though what actually killed me was my sadness in realizing I'd be unable to talk to mah boi Hatter).

It's the same issue as here:

Happened to me after playing the game for I think a 6 hour streak. No Mods in use, or ever before used.