Hardware Failure

Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good week(end). We had a very busy week of seeing friends, eating variations of Thanksgiving meals, and playing games. It was a nice change of pace, and break from the usual. Though pretty exhausting!

Back at the office, work is still a bit slow as I handle some admin tasks for a good chunk of each day. In my actual dev time, I'm brainstorming social tactics players and NPCs can use in conversation. And that list is getting pretty interesting.

The latest task is to start figuring out which types of people can use which types of tactics, so the personality and physical traits are more meaningful. Similarly, we'll need to figure out how each tactic affects the conversation and participants. And this is pretty tricky stuff. Highly subjective!

Unfortunately, my meager dev time was knocked out by a double punch today. First a dentist appointment (which was mercifully short), and then a hardware failure.

I guess it's been a year or three since the last one, so I should be grateful. But it always gets to me when tech fails. Especially tech I'm relying on heavily!

So far, potential culprits include the motherboard, ram, cpu, and power supply. My machine basically started crashing, so I shut down to reboot. And it hasn't booted since. No display. No beeps (no speaker at the moment). No keyboard LEDs. And it won't respond once turned on, even via the power/reset buttons. It did, however, power down one time after being on a few minutes, and immediately powered-on again. Hence the power supply being a culprit.

The good news is that this should only be a minor setback. All my code is backed-up in the cloud, and basically 100% up-to-date. Even if the PC ends up being toast, I can probably continue on a fresh machine without too much of a problem. (And in fact, I'm writing this on my work laptop, so I basically have a backup machine.)

It's just annoying, is all. Every time it seems like I'm making progress, and interruption! Hopefully, this will all pass soon.

Anyway, I'm still here. Still plugging away. And still optimistic this'll all be worth it once we're playing in our custom ships!