The Great Game (Fallout Theory)

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The Great Game (Fallout Theory)

Okay, before I really start doing anything here, I would like to point out that this WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS FOR THE FALLOUT FRANCHISE. You have been warned.
Also, putting it neatly into a spoiler tab so you won't see it unless you're okay with seeing some spoilers.
I plan on making a video about this at some point, we'll see what happens.
Players in the Great Game

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In the Fallout series, only two players are ever mentioned in context of the Great Game. Desmond and Calvert from the Point Lookout DLC for Fallout 3 (FO3). However, if you choose to side with Desmond when he attacks Calvert, he will say he's going North. Going North, that is, so he can hunt the other players in the Great Game.
This is my of suspected players in the Great Game, with a brief description why, and if that person is a possible target of Desmond's:
1) Mr.House (Seemingly immortal so long as he stays within his life support systems. He can control the entire strip, and has control of military assets.)
2) PAM (Super computing machine in FO4, predicted the Great War, it is likely she predicted the existence of the Great Game.) (Possibly Desmond's target. He was part of the intelligence community.)
3) Dr.Stanislaus Braun (Tranquility Lane, achieved immortality.) (Possibly Desmond's target, although Point Lookout is North of D.C.)
4) Lorenzo Cabot (Immortal due to alien intervention.) (Possibly Desmond's target.)
5) A resident of Vault 111 (Cryogenics is one listed way of how the player in the Great Game would achieve semi-immortality.) (This does NOT exclude the player character.)
6) President Eden (Super computer in FO3, pre-war. Government operated, would have access to government documents.) (Possibly Desmond's target, although Point Lookout is North of D.C.)
7) John-Caleb Bradberton (CEO of Nuka Cola, achieved immortality as a body-less head. You meet Bradberton in FO4, where you can choose to kill him by his request, or spare him. Bradberton had military contracts, such as Project Cobalt.) (Possibly Desmond's target.)

Some other things I feel are note worthy, or that I have an opinion on: (The Great Theory)

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1) President Eden is most likely dead, or unable to contact the outside world.
2) Mr.House survived the events of FNV. In FO4, there should be legion scouts, but there are none. Perhaps the Legion was fully destroyed. Mr.House had an army of robots at his disposal, and would have used it to eliminate the Legion threat as soon as possible. The NCR, likely, would also have sent scouts to the Eastern US, but we see none. Mr.House could also be blocking the ability for the NCR to move Eastward.
3) After being freed, Lorenzo Cabot will wander the wastes. There is a particular random event where you encounter Lorenzo picking at the bodies of dead ghouls, figuring out what "makes them tick". It is very possible he was looking for a way to neutralize Desmond much easier than just outright killing him.

Now for the last thing. I need opinions and evidence. I need suggestions as to who is playing the Great Game. I believe that the Fallout games are now just as much about the unfurling Great Game as it is about the wasteland, and its people. Any information would be helpful to paint a clear picture. So what do you think about the Great Game? Do you have a Great Theory of your own?

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