Graphic or savegame glitch

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Graphic or savegame glitch

Hi, big fan here. I'm playing the latest GOG version. It's a game a few in-game weeks in. Whenever I load I get to the following screen . My default weapon was very much not a Punch. I can still hear the sounds, and clicking on the upper left corner opens the menu, which works perfectly. Resuming just freezes whatever I'm seeing in the main out-of-game menu. Is the save corrupted? Verifying the game integrity doesn't help. I've made no major changes to the computer or installed cookie-cleaning whatchucallit.

I think that glitch usually signifies a corrupt save. I.e. the game couldn't finish loading, and you're stuck fading-into the map screen.

If you start a new game, does it work?

Starting a new game doesn't save over your old game until you save+quit or have autosave enabled in the options menu. But you can disable autosave and start a new game, then alt+f4 to force quit the app if you want to avoid that to test.

But I'm like 80% sure that's a save file that bugged out.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Yes I can start a new game normally... am I screwed then? This savegame was rather advanced.

I'm afraid the save's probably corrupt, yeah. Sorry about that!

There's at least one bug I was never able to solve that seems to creep in during really long games. One of those things that's too random to force it to happen (making it near impossible to find/fix), but still happens often enough to be a pain.

If you ever do notice something that causes it reliably, definitely let me know!

But unfortunately, you'll probably have to restart that save.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Alright, thanks a lot! Take care!

I’ve also just had this glitch 2 times in a row. I wasn’t super far in either time. I think both times I’d been to zom-zom’s, though. And those were the first times I’d found it, so maybe there could be a correlation? Also, one of the greyed out but partially visible elements on the screen are the words “loading creatures,” if that helps?
I’m playing the steam version, no mods, win10, um… I have saved copies of each of my corrupted save games, just in case. Let me know if you want them.
I tried checking my Flash settings, and I think they’re ok? TBH, I don’t see an option to enable or disable Flash saving. So, I am assuming I have it enabled as I have it set to allow 1MB.
I love your game!! I just started playing recently and I’ve become super addicted. I don’t mind starting over, just thought I’d post in case any of this random info helps. I want to get to the glow!! I was hightailing it over in my last game, and I’d made it halfway!!
That save game manager by Django looks like it’s dead. Is it?

Thank you!

Hi Pami,

Thanks for the info! I'm not sure if I see any smoking guns in that list, but there are a few things I saw which we could maybe tweak and see.

"Loading creatures" is a pretty typical stumbling point for the save loader if the save file is corrupt. And I suspect most players visit Zom-Zoms early on, so it would surprise me if that alone was the cause. I could be wrong, though!

For the Flash settings, 1MB should be more than enough for an early game. Was this "Local" or "Global" settings?

I don't think that was your issue. But allowing it to save up to 10MB should be more than enough (I've seen the occasional long-term game taking 1.5ish MB.) Also, unchecking "Never Ask Again" might be safer, in case it ever does need to increase the limit, so it can request it. Otherwise it just fails silently, and that can cause a corrupt save.

In the game's options menu, you may also want to try disabling "Autosave." It's no guarantee, but a number of users have said they ran into fewer corrupt saves if they did.

Django's save game manager may indeed be dead, but I haven't been keeping up with it to check.

Finally, I'm glad to hear you're enjoying the game so far! Hopefully, getting to the glow will be worth the wait, as will some of the other surprises out there in the game.

Thanks again!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games