Goddamn you starvation!

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Goddamn you starvation!

Ok, so I've played Neo on and off for at least a year, and not once have I gotten as far as I did in terms of gear. I had just upgraded my eyes, and spent the first night running around laughing at a lunatic while I beat DMC Guards with a crowbar like an insane version of Gordon Freeman.

And then spent a few more days reveling in my new nickname, The Whisper. Hush little Guard, don't you cry, Mamas gonna make you a human pie. And if that pie-e just won't be, I'll rip your face off for my tea.

(Teas in dinner, not drinkable tea =P)

I just imagine my character sneaking up to a guard while gently singing it into a microphone, connected to tiny speakers she's thrown around the guard.

Anyway, I digress.

After a massacre of monstrous proportions, I was pretty much fully geared. Then my stomach rumbled. So I go to the Red Dwarf and have a tasty burger or 3. Then I make my way to the ATN Enclave, keeping an eye out for any Deer, or just animals in general to cure for food. Literally none.

Oh well, I thought to myself as I ticked over into starvation. I'll just buy all the meat the ATN have, and eat there. So I go in, eat, then go to the shop, and they have maybe 4/5 pieces of small meat, which is gobble up, only to realize....I'm still starving.

So now I'm miles from the nearest food, which is Zom Zoms, which I don't want to go to since I think I'm getting dangerously close to Wendigo status. So I head north to forage around for ANY food to eat. I forage through at least 10 Forest tiles, and come up with maybe 4/5 mushrooms of indescernable type, and a load of water.

And at this point I realize what's happening. The game can't kill me in combat, I'm simply too strong. As in, Merga Wraith strong. AS IN, STAND THERE WHILE READING A BOOK FIGHTING IT.

*Cough cough* Sorry, yet my mask slip a bit. Where was I? Ahh yes, so game CANNOT kill me in combat. And I have too many Noise traps for it to slip into my camp and blind me (Lost a really nice character to being blinded by a dogman. I still shot him 6 times and killed him, but I was at least 50 tiles from DMC and didn't have enough for surgery anyway, even if I told EVERYTHING I had, including my now empty pistol.

So, the game thinks "Right, I can't kill her with enemies, or a sneak attack, and she has 10 bottles in her bag, of which 7 are full of sterile water. But, earlier in the game, she was 2 turns from starving because of this exact same goddamned situation, so let's just starve her."

Earlier I was 1/2 turns from dying and I found a looter. Killed him, carved him up and saved myself. Barely. And it's happening again, only this time, there's NOTHING around. Maybe I was a bit too scary as The Whisper......

Anyways, TL:DR I starve to death with literally the best gear in game, period.

Goddamn I love to hate this game, and hate that I love this game. And HATE that to get Elusive AND Unstoppable, you have to take Melee, Strong, Athletic, and Trapping. I don't see another way other than killing the Wraith. Melee and Strong get you the recording, Trapping to trap the Zom Zom robot, Athletic to escape the Melonheads. If anyone has a build that lets me get both but also take Botany, I'd appreciate it. I took Hacking as well, just on the off chance I could crack some phones and tablets for cash, but by the time I found the right sticks, I had more than enough cash for what I wanted.

Anyways, if any of you enjoyed that, please say so, I might write up another about one of my first playthroughs.


I came on with a registered user just to reply to this thread. That was hella-entertaining to read this morning, thank you! I died of starvation about 10 minutes ago. didn't lose as much as you, but i'm new.
The games great.
Starvings great.
You're a cannibal though, a murderous cannibal. Like they all are.
Unless you only eat roadkill. Human roadkill.

- Passage

Haha cheers. Sorry I didn't respond, I get a bit confused about the fact that I can't see my own contact page, it just says You are not authorized. I do still play NEO a little bit, but I've seen so many videos of it and played a hefty amount myself, so I kind of bit a bit bored, so I've left it on the backburner until I get that familiar itch to play again, and I lose days to it =D

No problem. What are you playing at the moment then? :P

- Passage