Getting the example mod to work

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Getting the example mod to work

After some time playing, I decided to try and make my own mod. To start I tried to import the example mod that comes with the game, but it didn't work. After looking at the start up log I noticed a lot of errors(not beeing able to import files). Also my neogame.xml file is missing. Finally are there any modding tutorials? I've read the modding documentation but it didn't help much. Any help will be really apreciated.
Linke to the startup log:
P.S: I've tried reeinstailing the game and that didn't fix the problems(sorry for broken english).

Not sure why the example mod isn't working for you, but the missing neogame.xml report in the log file is very likely because that file was used in older versions of the game; the check was kept to ensure compatibility with older mods that still use/expect to find it.

The fact that it's looking for all the individual xml files in the mod's folder is what puzzles me, and may be linked to an issue I'm having of my own converting my mods (separate thread). Hopefully someone else can shed some light on this.

For the record, I have the example mod loading fine, but I'm not sure what you're doing differently, since I moved it to my "Mods" subfolder and edited the getmods.php file slightly to reflect that.

nRows=2 &strModName0=SampleMod &strModURL0=Mods/SampleModFolder &strModName1=0 &strModURL1=Mods/SampleModFolder/0

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