Get Up, Aaron. Job UI Progress. Also, Admin Stuff.

Hey Folks! Bit of a short update today, as a good chunk of it was spent on some business-y emails. But we do have a bit of progress to talk about!

First of all, Aaron. Always lying down on the job. Ripe for some discipline, he is.

Actually, that's the first screenshot I have of the new avatar mesh and animations in the game! He's currently standing in idle mode, but there's a bug that causes the avatar to be rotated 90 degrees. So he looks like he's stone cold fallen face-first into the floor.

What little animation I could see through the floor, however, looked pretty good! Much smoother and clearer than the sprite sandwich stuff. Plus, the suited-up test model is in the upper left, standing in idle with correct orientation, for a better idea of what it'll look like.

Now if I could just get that transform bug sorted...

In other news, Michael tells me his latest check-in includes the ability to bulk install the rest of the components! That means we can task AI with bulk installs of walls, conduits, and floors, which should give us a leg-up when trying to patch a broken room on derelicts. He's got some other bug fixes checked-in, as well, so once I get the avatar stuff stable, I can merge his work with mine and give it a shot.

Some cool stuff coming down the pike. Can't wait to show more!