Game won't load

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Game won't load

I was playing on the same laptop last week in the browser version. Have been trying to get in for the past 3+ days and it won't load.

...also and related: the download version is not recognized on my Mac and won't open, even after I change the privacy settings.

Help? I just want to survive the apocalypse...

Hi ElleBe321,

Sorry for the issues getting the game to run! There could be a few different things happening, depending on the symptoms you're seeing and your setup.

For the browser version, what happens when you say it won't load? Is the game reaching the main menu, or getting stuck before that? Is there any sort of error or log message shown before it stops working?

For the download version, which Mac OSX version are you using? I've heard Catalina users report being unable to run the app, which I'm not sure I can solve. If you have an earlier version of OSX, it is usually Gatekeeper causing the issue. The thread here talks about changing the settings to allow NS to run:

but it sounds like you may have tried that already? You can also try ctrl+clicking or right-clicking the game and selecting "Open," which works for some users.

And as a last resort, does the Steam version behave any differently?

Oh! And which version were you downloading? v1.15 or v1.3.0? The former was the last stable version, which might work better than 1.3.0.

Hopefully, we can get you up and running again soon!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games