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Game Unsave-able

I have had a couple of games reach what appears to be a state where they will not save.
What happens is that when trying to save, a message appears "Saving Game", but the in-game-menu does not automatically close.
Later when loading it becomes apparent that the previous save was quite a while ago. And recent attempts to save did not work, judging by file modified timestamps.
I have tried saving under various situations but once this happens it seems the only thing to do is to start again and hope it does not happen.

Just an update,
I have been testing that save-character under various conditions. Sometimes it will go an hour and save fine, sometimes a lot sooner. I have a variety of saves from this save-character if it would help I can share them.
Obviously I have not saves from when the bug occurs.
I have found nothing consistent that might cause it.

Sorry for the save failures!

I'm actually chatting with a player on Steam forums about what sounds like a very similar issue, so you're definitely not alone.

Though, as you're discovering, it seems hard to force it to happen. I've done nearly an hour of testing on the save file the other person shared, but couldn't get it to trigger.

If you, or anyone reading, has clues about what causes it, let us know! The more reliably we can trigger the bug, the easier it'll be to find and fix.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

No need to apologise for any bugs in this game at this stage.
It is a pleasure to help with bug squashing for what seems like a great design for a game.
Thanks for doing it.

If it helps, the saves I uploaded in this thread:

Have all had this save bug happen a few times in their history, but I savescummed for the benefit of testing. ;)

I am looking forward to when I can help test the game for permadeath balance properly, In my view a game is not balanced unless it is permadeath balanced.


It looks like I have a similar problem. I am in the third ship I found, and every time the save isnt working is when I notice the entire ship (The long one with two big storage rooms and two docking clamps on each end) rotates 90 degrees every time I click save. But obviously no save file generated. I hope this helps!