A game I love

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A game I love

There's a game called Space Station 13, usually referred to SS13 for short, that I've been playing longer than I've been playing neo scavenger, and that's over 4 years now.

To sum it up in an incredible simple manner, and why I believe the neo scavenger community may be interested in it, would be.
You are on a space station. Survive.

That is more than a oversimplification that it's almost an insult, the game is over 15 years old and is still running strong, stronger in fact. With a small but dedicated community, hovering around 5 thousand, around 600 people playing at any one time, with it being very not known. There's a page on reddit if you wish to view it, but it's a multiplayer game that frequently handles over 100 people on a server with minimal issues, depending on the server. 200 in some cases.
It's such a hard game to describe so I'll provide some links to get your head around it, allow you to ask questions for an experienced player (though by no means a master even after 4 years I still get 'robusted'.) and try and fail to explain it anyway.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Space_Station_13 this if you wish for a dry, technical version

this link, for personality https://tgstation13.org/wiki/Starter_guide
"Hmph. Fresh off the boat from Nanotrasen's recruitment office, huh? Let me tell you something, kid. You won't last five minutes on this floating deathtrap without help. You're as likely to be left for dead in a dark maintenance tunnel riddled with bullet holes as you are to get out of here alive. Lucky for you, I'm in a helpful mood today."
with that being some of the first text you read. Now I'll get to the UI to not get you too into it if it's a turn off, but it shares similarities to neo scavenger.
https://i.ytimg.com/vi/Suz81I8LE7Y/maxresdefault.jpg That's an image, no idea how it converts here but I'll explain the basics

The huge text to the side? That's how you understand how you interact with the game, very little is done graphically and even more depends server to server, as there are multiple codebases. Some have nothing, while others have animations of the 'sprite' (that one dude in a hardsuit from deadspace) etc.
Another thing you should know, SS13 is full of references. Tons of references! Multitudes!
We got Alien references, an entire server dedicated to them in fact, we got Deadspace references, most of them Sci Fi but lots original content too.

But yes UI, You have what is on your person a the bottom. From left to right, your 'clothing' classified as an Ear, for radios usually but you can put cigs etc. there. A mask slot for breath masks but also for clown masks *Honk*, gasmasks etc. which all do a certain thing or just changes the sprite of your character. An exosuit slot that usually is held by things such as lab coats etc. but also is used for Hardsuits, and a jumpsuit slot that allows you to use the pocket slots to the far right, the ID slot, and on some servers the belt slot. The shoes are to change your characters sprite, add leg armour, or stop you from falling over in some situations such as sudden gravity loss, FTL travel, meteors hitting the station, explosions etc.
Again lots is covered in a short period, ask questions!
You have 2 hand slots, which are used to interact with the world, and a back slot used for a backpack or perhaps just a single large item like an Oxygen tank, crossbow, wizards staff, wings, jetpack etc. The hand slots can be made useless by handcuffs, you getting 1 or both arms/hands chopped off, breaking the limbs etc.
There's also different races, and depending on the server hundreds! Usually around 5 playable, but other races can be found in deep space exploration or with the use of SCIENCE!

That's the UI explained-ish, most things either provide utility such as oxygen tanks, armour such as exosuits which protect against deep space, or combat ability. As fighting can be a large part or a small part of any 'round'
Oh did I forget to mention? The servers run on rounds, and depending on the pace of the server or just RNG/player interaction a round goes on until the escape shuttle is called, or the station has been destroyed by a nuclear device.
Yup that's right, a nuke. As all deep science space stations need a nuke.
Rounds can go from 30 minutes, or even less, to 5+ hours. Or even more, once had a 7 hour round. It depends on the server.
The round is administrated by, you guessed it, admins that have been put in place by the server to uphold rules. Which differ from server to server, completely player administrated they dish out bans, kicks, gifts or fun into the round by possibly running events such as an alien attack, mech battles etc.

That brings back to a large part of what makes rounds interesting. Antagonists, or simply referred to as Antags.
All of this is covered much better and at longer length in the various wikis, that also vary from server to server. I can't possibly cover everything here so ASK plenty of questions!
Antags are decided either at round start, where you ready up after deciding your characters name age height etc. lots of wiggle room.

They can range from syndicates, that are in the 'backstory' or 'canon' of ss13 that changes from server to server but one of which is largely accepted. These Dirty Syndies get pardons from rules such as 'no murdering your fellow crew for no reason' and get objectives to complete, such as stealing a certain item and escaping alive, to Killing everyone aboard the station. Difficulty ranges but so does the fun. They get items to help with this by spending points, called Telecrystals or TC, such as a 'energy sword' or E-sword for short, a lightsaber, or literally hundreds more. All varying server to server.
Then there's wizards, xenos, mindslugs, a sentient fungus, vampires, shadowlings, cultists. And lots more, all differing from eachother and server to server, though much stays uniform much can change. Especially between codebases.

Before getting into anything else, it's important to note that since SS13 is such an open ended game that has other people in it, when you get in game and try to follow the guide, things may go wrong - the station might have been almost entirely consumed by a singularity, a traitor could attack you with a powerful weapon, or something no one could have predicted will kill you. It's important to not let death get to you - Rule 10 exists for a reason! There are multiple ways you can be brought back into the game - don't get frustrated if something happens.
You can and will Almost Certainly die, and again depending on the servers there's no respawns. After death you can become a 'ghost' and watch the station go on without you, depending on the server re-join the round as a 'deadrole' which means you have no info from your past life, but get to interact with the round again but usually self contained. For example, one dead role is where you awake from a cryo-sleeper on a broken station you need to fix to survive.

I don't have much time but if this has got you interested, reply or message me/look on youtube for some gameplay, Mandalore gaming does a great review of it!
The games also free, with certain servers and the engine surviving purely on donations and ads that actually aren't in the game and only when you first join. They're silent and unobtrusive and aren't seen unless you join a server.

And oldie and I would say goodie but not particularly