Game breaks on new game?

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Game breaks on new game?

So here's what I do: I start a new game, do some stuff, die. Go back to create a new game, and the game gets into an unplayable state. I can open the inventory etc, but can't select the character, can't move, and more importantly can't bring up the menu to exit the game so I have to kill the process. Those "LABEL 99" don't look right ;D

Let me know if you want some more debug :)


This is definitely a fail state for the game, and requires an app restart. Normally, it should show an error message saying as much here, so I'm curious how you got to this state!

If you notice some reliable repro steps for this, I'd be interested in testing it on my end.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

I'll see if I can pin down steps to reliably reproduce and get back to you! Are there logs I should attach?

Game version -

For me, this one happens when I delete any save slot. After any deletion, I need to restart the game/app before any save can be used.


  1. Fresh game start
  2. Create new game
  3. Confirm able to interact
  4. Save and Quit to main
  5. Delete the previous save on New or Continue menus
  6. Return to main menu
  7. Create new game
  8. Nothing works, duplicate state