Game Breaking Bug When Installing Battery

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Game Breaking Bug When Installing Battery

I accidently moved my character while installing the battery, The battery was stuck at a 55% install with the options of scrap or uninstall when right clicking on the battery. None of the options work when clicking them. I tried reloading my save and experienced the separate, but also game-breaking game freeze. I will have to start a new game.

Thanks devs for all your work! I'm super excited for this game!

I had another incidence of this slightly differently. I went to install the battery and the character got stuck in the animation of installing and no progress bar appeared. I then was unable to move or click on things. Eventually the screen turned black.

any installation or uninstallation activities just get stuck in endless loop where progress bar fills and restarts

Hi Folks! I apologize for the issues with installation. Can you confirm this is happening in new games started with version I thought we caught most of the bugs related to this, but we may have missed some.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Seems to be fixed with

Have not seen it since the patch

You can still move and get a job 'stuck' at X %, but have the option to Cancel


I just experienced an issue when installing a battery - new game. when removing and replacing the starting batter in the pod - the one hooked to the switch - selecting the build action allows you to position but once you click to take action the build cursor changes to a 1x1, like if you were to install a floor piece. right-click to back out and it's like the action never happened. unable to build from inventory.

I experienced this bug in the newest version of the game.
After repairing or uninstalling floor or grid components, the player looped in his motion.
Neither you can cancel the action nor u can wait until its over.
I have to restart the game and reload the savegame.
After that it takes a few actions to return to this loop.
Mostly it appears in uninstalling components and sometimes in closing doors.
Now it happens when i stand up from navigation.
Game Version:

Thanks for the heads-up! I'd like to solve this one, but I'm having trouble reproducing it.

Both right-click to install the spare battery, and using the build menu to install it seem to work for me. And when I uninstall, repair, and reinstall items, so far it seems to work.

Were there any strange issues that appeared before this started happening? I'm thinking it could be working for me because I'm starting the app fresh and immediately trying these things.

@Punika, if your save file causes the bug fairly easily after loading, would you mind uploading it somewhere for me to take a look? The saves are located in:
C:\Users\<username>\AppData\LocalLow\Blue Bottle Games\Ostranauts

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

I send you a private message and Email.
The bug appears, when u try to open the middle chest in the inventory (my savegame).
Both windows seems to get (foreground and background) the clickinformation.
In MDI mode, only the foreground window should be adressed.
Maybe its some kind of null pointer exception then.

Thx a lot. ;)

I think I'm under the right thread. I'm still getting used to the controls, but I ran into a critical battery issue. I uninstalled one battery, then could not fully install the second one -- pretty sure I canceled installation part way through. Then I partially installed the original battery somewhere else.. since that was working, I quit the game and reloaded -- both batteries were gone.

Other issues: 1) game hangs when I quit 2) the goal to "Open Inventory" won't go away. No idea if these have an impact.
I'll add another comment if I can find a way to replicate.

I can consistently replicate this bug, game version - I have a backup of the game I created before initially leaving the station.

Steps to replicate the issue:
1) launch ship
2) uninstall battery
3) put lamp in hand, turn on
4) pick up battery
5) start reinstall in original location
6) walk somewhere else during install
> Cannot select battery, but get hover info
7) quit and reload game
> battery is gone

Not sure if you want a copy of my safe files.

If you click the Orders button, then "CANC" (Cancel), then the battery, it will cancel its installation and you won't lose the item.

Thanks florinteal -- just verified that this workaround works. After cancel I can access the battery again, and after quit/reload it's still there.

No worries. It's still a bug, of course, but currently fixable in-game at least.

I think we managed to fix the stuck in animation loop part, and I have bugs logged for the problems with not resuming abandoned tasks.

But it sounds like abandoned task items are also being deleted during save/load, so I've logged that as a bug as well. Thanks for the heads-up!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games