Future of Neo, what's happening now?

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Future of Neo, what's happening now?

Hey, does anybody have any updates on what is going on with Neo Scavenger now? Or what is happening development wise. Can't seem to find any news. This game definitely deserves an expansion!

- Passage

Hi Passage,

Both the mobile and desktop versions of NEO Scavenger are in post-release support mode, which means they each get part-time development while the new game (the "space prototype") is full-time.

What this means, specifically, changes depending on the time and current bugs. But here's the current plan:

NEO Scavenger Desktop - Currently working on porting the engine from Flash to Haxe, to finally be rid of the limitations of Flash. At the very least, this means a more traditional save file instead of Flash cookies, and better hotkey support (e.g. can finally make Esc open main menu instead of exiting fullscreen). Probably also some performance improvements.

NEO Scavenger Mobile - Bug fixes happen as-needed, usually waiting for enough to collect before issuing a new patch/version. The next feature I wanted to add was modding support, but currently, this seems like it might not be possible. So that's on the back burner until desktop's engine port is done.

Apart from those, the "space prototype" is the main development effort these days. It's sort of a "sidequel" to NEO Scavenger that takes place in the same setting and time period, but follows the events of a crew in the Solar System instead of down on Earth.

Hope this helps!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Can I put a vote in for the Haxe port of NS to PC? I'm *dying* to play this game again. I've lost too many hours to save corruption with the flash version. It's sitting there in my library taunting me. I need my fix.

If you delay the space game to fix NS, no one would mind because we'd all be busy happily playing Neo Scavenger.

Unfortunately, development of the Haxe PC version is stalled at the moment, as the developer who was working on it isn't available. He's expecting to be able to get his work checked-in once he's available again, but we're in a holding pattern until then.

As for nobody minding the delay of the space game, that's not strictly true. I mind :)

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games